Monday, June 3, 2013

Second Edition of The War Master's Daughter

Just a quick update on exciting progress: The War Master's Daughter will be temporarily unavailable in paperback while the second edition is being proofed. The new edition will have a new cover, new foreword, and a new map, which was just completed last week. I'm anxiously awaiting the new proof right now! The eBook is still available via Amazon and Smashwords.

I'll shortly be scheduling a release party where we'll be debuting the new book trailer, which Liquid Squid has been working on for over a year!

In other news, drafting my second novel, Bugged, is coming along swimmingly with the chorus of cicada providing some much needed inspiration. I'm aiming for a 2014 release.

I'm also the proud owner of and will be moving my website from the novel-centric to a site dedicated to the SMLX Books publishing collective, the model for which I'm designing with some of the most creative folks I know.

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